Affiliate Rewards for Advocates

Refering Thinkwell courses gets you $25 cash and your buyer gets 15% off!


Join the program that rewards you for promoting courses! You don't have to be a Thinkwell customer, and the program works for different kinds of people:

Thinkwell Customers and Superfans: Have you been a Thinkwell customer? You probably talk with other families just like yours. These types of conversations are a primary way parents can become aware of helpful products and services like Thinkwell.

Bloggers: If you create content for families and home educators, your readers want to know about homeschool courses.

YouTube Reviewers: Videos are a great way to give others a glimpse of Thinkwell features and benefits.

Social Media Influencers: Regardless of your platform, words, images and videos are powerful ways to help families that are looking for solutions to teaching difficult courses at home.

Homeschool Co-ops and Organizations: Plugging in to you local groups is a great way to spread the word.

Tutors: Professionals assisting students can use the Thinkwell platform in their everyday work.


How does it work?

Sign Up Now! We will email your unique referral link you can promote. If you’re an existing Thinkwell customer, you may already have this link. Each time someone purchases a Thinkwell online course at with your link, we’ll send you $25 to your Paypal account. You'll be notified by email each time you are paid.


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  • Rewards are paid for full Thinkwell online courses only, print materials or courses from other companies are not included.

  • Rewards are not paid for commercial accounts, resellers, or schools. Thinkwell Corporation has the right to determine valid rewards. Advocates can be banned at the discretion of Thinkwell.

  • The rewards platform is powered by ReferralCandy and includes your own dashboard.

  • When someone clicks on your referral link, the 15% coupon is automatically applied during checkout. We also drop a cookie that lasts for 30 days.


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