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Thinkwell Home-school Curriculum


Thinkwell Referral Rewards

Your friends and family receive a $10 discount on Thinkwell Homeschool courses.

You earn $25 Amazon Gift Rewards.

Tell more people, earn more gift rewards. There's no limit to the number of Amazon Gift Rewards you can earn.

How it works

1. Tell a friend about Thinkwell Homeschool courses.

2. Once they've added their course(s) to their cart, they enter your registered email address into the "Referred by" field.

3. Your friend instantly receives $10 off each full subscription in their cart.

4. After three days, you'll receive an email with a claim code and further instructions for your $25 Amazon Gift Reward.

5. Enter your claim code at to receive $25 off any purchase.

Rules and Restrictions

The Thinkwell Referral Rewards program is available only to Thinkwell Homeschool customers. It is not valid for Independent Study or Adoption users. Purchases must be made through to be eligible for discounts and rewards. Thinkwell Referral Rewards cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.